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Medical Product Manufacturing

We produce both in USA and in Asia - whatever (and wherever) you need..

We have a staff of over 50 engineers to insure that every program (medical devices or other industry parts) is thoroughly reviewed. 

Our case study includes mold flow and mold warp for plastic injection molded and MIM parts. 

We realize that producing  good parts requires the best compromise of:                          

    part function
    tooling function
    material selection
    processing, secondary operations and assembly, and end of life considerations.


We pride ourselves on (and are known for):

    Fast Quotes
    Rapid and on time delivery of quality molds and parts
    Excellent engineering back up and service.


We have been in Injection molding and plastics for over 30 years. Our customers kept asking us to add more processes, so we did. 

    Current capabilities include:
    Plastics ==  Injection molding, Extrusion, overmolding and insert molding, 2 shot molding of  everything from PE to PEEK
    Metals   ==  Die cast, Investment cast, Powdered metallurgy, Gravity cast, Sand cast, Aluminum Extrusion, Sheetmetal cut and Bend, Stampings (including Progressive and 4-Slide), wire forming, tube bending.
    Decorating, assembly, and packaging of your medical equipment/devices/parts.

Send us an email ( , or phone  650-222-0066.   One of our sales engineers will promptly reply to see what we can do to help fill your medical manufacturing needs.